Warm up your scroll bar while you wait for these non-thumbnail photos of the new pad:





It’s the corner unit upstairs.  Voila.




Oh, look, Mum brought flowers.  Dad’s behind the camera ;-)




That’s right folks, the purple couch found me at long last.  This is a room for reading, lounging, and gathering for Ars Magica (that’s like Dungeons & Dragons) sessions.




Another view of the reading room – look out the window to see the front landing  There’s a hallway behind Thomas that leads to the bedrooms/laundryroom/bathroom or to the kitchen, media-tainment area, and balcony.




But nevermind the hallway for now.  Keep moving through the reading area and you get to dining / library / board game room.  Cost to get out is participation in at least one board or card game ;-)






Yep.  That thar is the kitchen.  Dad’s standing by the dining table to take this shot. 




Some more of the kitchen.  You can see the doorway between the dining/library/game room and the kitchen.  You can also see the hallway I mentioned earlier.  Dad’s standing in the media-tainment area.  TV, video games, movies, music – it’s all inside.



And, of course, it’s also the guest suite ;-).




Here’s my mom sitting for a balcony photo-opp.




What?! How’d we get here?  Okay, this is the other part of the apartment.  Dad’s standing in the bedroom documenting the “latrine.”   Out the bedroom door and to the left are the office and laundry rooms.  If you exited the bedroom, turned right, and went through a doorway, you’d be standing in the main hallway and  facing the front door.  The reading room, kitchen, etc would all be to your left.  It’s fairly compact.




The bedroom – it looks a bit different now because of a new bed, but this is pretty much it.



Here’s the office.  It’s a work in progress.  The big corner desk is Thomas’ and the desk under the window is mine.



There are no pictures of the garage yet – it’s a work in progress, too.  We hope to someday park a car in it ;-)

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